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Website Designing Company
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Get a site that educates, draws in and produce lead. Today with increment web use and accessibility of new clients online a wide range of organizations are dispatching their site

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There are still a lot of websites that are not optimized for mobile devices, so you will have a considerable edge on the competition. Your website will stand out in one of the best possible ways, which will very likely lead to more visitors on a regular basis.

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Website Designing Company in Mumbai
Website Designing Company in Mumbai
Website Designing Company in Mumbai
Website Designing Company in Mumbai
Website Designing Company in Mumbai
Website Designing Company
Aditya Tawade

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Website Designing Company

We Boost Our Clients’ Professionalism by Professional Emails

A decent expert email account utilized in a list of references or on a business card has a decent effect without standing out as a blemish.

Website Designing Company

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Despite the fact that you should attempt to fabricate and keep up with great working associations with everybody, some merit additional consideration.

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It’s difficult to differentiate ourselves online when we’re competing with potentially thousands of other businesses that offer similar products or services to our own.

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Website Designing Company - Execulia

Register Business By Government of India

Website Designing Company - Execulia

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Website Designing Company - Execulia

10 Fastest Growing Abstract Solution Providers 2019

Website Designing Company - Execulia

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Website Designing Company - Execulia

“Got my site and item planned from them! The entire group is extremely excited and accommodating. Execulia has helped me in the underlying establishment of my image improvement! I would suggest.”

Ankita Thakur

Marketing Consultant – Abstract

What problem are you trying to solve?

How much does a website cost?2020-12-15T18:22:31+00:00

A custom website design built for search engines will cost you around 25,000 INR. But here we have a great offer of 5,000 INR for Christmas period of time.

What information should be on a website?2020-12-15T18:23:25+00:00

All businesses, e-commerce or not, must provide minimum information which should be easily accessible at all times:

  • The company name, which may be different from the trading name – e.g. “Kaydee Web is the trading name of Kaydee Web Limited”;
  • The geographic address must be included. Not a PO BOX.
  • Full details including email address, allowing fast, direct contact and effective communication. A contact form is not sufficient.
  • Any registration details, including registration number.
  • Confirm membership of trade registers available to the public and display registration numbers.
  • Any professional body or institution the company is registered with.
  • A VAT number, if a business has one – even if the website is not being used for e-commerce transactions.
  • Prices on the website must be clear and unambiguous and state whether prices are inclusive of tax and delivery costs.
Pages to include on a website2020-12-15T18:24:53+00:00

A services page and/or products page is always very likely to be included.

For transparency Google likes to see an ABOUT page, offering background information on the business owner or company itself.

Include a contact page with company information and contact details, to make it quick and easy for users to make contact with you.

An FAQ page can often help an audience and provide search engine content.

What information should be on a website for search engines?2020-12-15T18:27:15+00:00

Websites should not be programmed with search engines in mind, websites should be built and created to provide the best user experience. Google will then naturally reward the site in page rank.

Therefore, the information you should include on your site should be informative and of good quality to rank highly.

There are on-page search engine guidelines that should be put into place when creating web pages, such as meta-tags, page elements, and schema markup. Websites should be kept clean and code-light.

Blogging or informative articles greatly increase the chances of being well ranked.

How many pages should a website have?2020-12-15T18:26:45+00:00

The more information included on a site, the better chance it has of survival. However, many small businesses need to start small and build.

When planning pages for a new site, ask yourself:

  • Are you a one-man band?
  • Are you a large corporate business?
  • What do you do?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Have you got the resources to keep the site up to date?

We recommend an ‘about’ or ‘background information’ page that includes a good photo of you or your team, and the story of your company.

What is responsive design?2020-12-15T18:28:13+00:00

A responsive website is a site that will respond to any device it is viewed on, be it a smartphone, tablet, or computer. It is imperative that your business website is responsive for easy user access.

A responsive website is mobile-friendly which is important for search engine rank, as Google will show mobile-friendly sites first when users search on mobile. That is over 60% of searches.

What does SEO mean?2020-12-15T18:34:23+00:00

SEO means ‘search engine optimization’, or ‘optimization’ in the US.

The term SEO can actually umbrella a few things, like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and search engine marketing.

When people use the term SEO, they are generally talking about the art of programming a website so that search engines understand and rank it.

Both layout and programming have an effect on the way search engines rank a site. Ultimately Google wants websites to be easy for users to navigate, fast, content-rich, and programmed so that search engine crawlers easily understand what is on each page.

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“Execulia has helped us in designing a conceptual website with complete designer interaction. Their timely support for proper pages, blogs, and testing! Best Website Designing Company”

Divyesh Suware

Digitalbox CEO

Website Designing Company

Aditya Tawade

Website Designing Company
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